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Our Team

Remember Reifman - Response, Reliability, Results

Senior Attorney
Steve Reifman

Kate Kasperek and Randy Calvin

Associate Attorneys
Zachary Katz and Michael Kingsley

Kennedy Taylor, Latrese Ryles, Jennifer Hoover

Rebecca Rickman

Case Evaluation Clerks
Lisa Rushlau and Josette Stone

Media Arts Specialist
Xavier Vance

Controller and Office Manager
John Siwicki

Front Office Manager and Reception
Kim Field

Front Office Manager and Reception

“Welcome to the Reifman Law Firm. Let us serve you!” Here at Reifman law firm the first person you talk to on the phone or see when you visit, is our Front Office Manager and Receptionist, Kimberly Field. Kim is the kind voice and empathetic ear you can count on. Kim will direct you to the staff member you need to help you. If you are at the firm for an office meeting, Kim will be your host, direct you where you need to go, and be certain you are comfortable while here.


The Reifman law firm attorneys specialize in auto injury accidents and personal injury. We fight for our clients to get optimum value from our services.

We win because our attorneys are leaders of specialist support teams and top-notch case managers. We care about each of our clients. We consistently serve our clients by working as a collaborative team with key support staff from primary paralegal to discovery to case evaluation. We are here to serve you!

Our team of attorneys are led by Steve Reifman, Senior Attorney. With over 45 years of legal experience, Steve is assisted by experienced primary attorneys, Kate Kasperek and Randy Calvin. Associate attorneys are Michael Kingsley and Zachary Katz.

Paralegal Department

The Reifman Law Firm primary paralegal team is staffed by Kennedy Taylor, Latrese Ryles, and Jennifer Hoover. Primary Paralegals perform the overall processing of a case from start to finish at the Reifman Law Firm. Paralegals are the main client contact as cases evolve. They assist the attorney starting with new client intake meetings, all the way through to settlement resolution. Paralegals correspond with medical providers, insurance companies, and defense counsel on our client’s behalf. They will help clients fill out documents and submit forms, and are available to assist in many ways.

Discovery Department

The Discovery department at the Reifman Law Firm is helmed by Rebecca Rickman. Rebecca also serves as a Senior Paralegal and support staff trainer. The Discovery department coordinates with clients to get answers to Discovery requests during litigation. They work with clients to draft answers and to submit documents for use in their cases. Contact the Discovery Department when assistance is needed with interrogatories or authorizations.

Case Evaluation Dept

The case evaluation clerks work closely with the Primary Attorney and Paralegal team. The Case Evaluation department is staffed by Lisa Rushlau and Josette Stone.

The case evaluation clerk will communicate with clients frequently to ensure that we have all information necessary to prepare documents needed for the Case Evaluation Hearing set by the court after Discovery has been completed. Numerous details compiled by this department are crucial for successful resolution.

Controller / Office Manager

At Reifman Law the Controller position is helmed by John Siwicki. In addition to John’s role of Office Manager, he is in charge of dispersing all checks.

Media Arts Specialist

Xavier Vance is our talented media arts specialist who provides marketing and promotion services. Xavier performs event shoots, audio/video editing and graphics manipulation for postings on the Reifman Law Firm website, as well as social media postings.