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Remember Reifman - Response, Reliability, Results

The Reifman Law Firm provides unparalleled, hands-on, professional legal services for injured people. Unlike many other notable T.V. attorneys, Reifman Law Firm does not refer their cases out to other trial attorneys. Reifman Law Firm ARE the trial attorneys.

Auto Accident & No Fault Benefits

Victims of motor vehicle accidents in Michigan are entitled to defined benefits for wage loss, medical expenses and for services required, as well a damages for pain & suffering caused by a negligent driver. We at Reifman have a special focus concerning motor vehicle accidents.

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Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are unique in that the victims suffer the special circumstances of being struck by such a large vehicle. Often damages can be serious or catastrophic, but many of the same principles apply as in any motor vehicle accident. The lawyers at Reifman Law Firm have the knowledge and experience to apply to a truck accident, including how to utilize experts in accident reconstruction and trucking.

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Motorcycle Accidents

We handle serious, as well as medium and smaller, motor cycle accident cases effectively and efficiently. With a great staff ready to help in your time of injury suffered in a motorcycle accident.

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Wrongful Death

If a loved one is killed as a result of someone’s negligence the relatives of the deceased are allowed to bring a claim for their loss of “society and companionship”. These cases are highly technical. The lawyers at Reifman Law Firm have experience over many years in regard to the rigors and technicalities of the law in regard to a wrongful death claim.

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Personal Injury

A personal injury claim is a general term for any incident that causes the victim to suffer injuries that cause medical treatment and conditions. In order to collect money in such a case, the victim must prove negligence, have the requisite serious injuries and damages, as well as finding an at fault party who is insured or otherwise able to pay the damages.

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Premises Liability

When one is injured in an accident on the property of another as a result of their negligence the victim has a potential claim against the owner or business operator. These claims are very difficult in Michigan due to the “open and obvious” doctrine. The lawyers and team at Reifman Law Firm are ready to help you evaluate any injury.

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Dog Bites

If you have been bitten, scratched or otherwise damaged by a vicious animal, the owner can be held strictly liable for their animal’s misdeeds. At Reifman Law Firm, we will work with you to find the owner, hold them responsible and find adequate insurance coverages to bring you, the victim, just compensation for your injuries.

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Other Fields of Law

We accept cases by professional referral, or by working as “co-counsel” with our network of fine lawyers. There are many different areas of law, sometimes called “fields of law”, and even more sub categories. Because we at Reifman Law Firm are always willing to provide a Free Consultation, there are many times when we are not involved in a particular area of law, that we rely upon our vast network of qualified attorneys to provide the right services. So we do our best to work with various lawyers across Southeast Michigan, the State of Michigan and indeed the United States and the World. Here at Reifman Law Firm, a professional referral is a sacred trust, just like when we are the primary firm providing services that are within our focus. In order to implement and follow up on the myriad of matters, areas of law and professional referrals, Reifman Law Firm uses the CasesTracker System by GotaCase Legal Systems, an exemplary case management tool that works for all of our cases from origination to closing. Allow Reifman Law Firm and CasesTracker to combine to create a Superior Legal Service situation for you.