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Reifman Law Firm

Wrongful Death

Has A Loved One Died From
Negligence Of Another?

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Reifman Law Firm is your Wrongful Death Attorney!

Reifman Law Firm has a wrongful death attorney standing by ready to discuss your case! Call us at 248-932-4000 for your free consultation today!

If a loved one suffered from a wrongful death, help is here.

If a loved one is killed as a result of someone’s negligence the relatives of the deceased are allowed to bring a claim for their loss of “society and companionship”. These cases are highly technical. The lawyers at Reifman Law Firm have experience over many years in regard to the rigors and technicalities of the law in regard to a wrongful death claim.

We can handle medium and wrongful death cases effectively and efficiently. With a great staff ready to help in your time of injury suffered in a wrongful death.

We specialize in all cases in Macomb, Oakland, Wayne County as well as cases across Michigan, our main office is in the Town Center in Southfield.

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    Steven Reifman

    About Attorney Steven Reifman

    The founder of the firm, has a personal commitment to the principles of just compensation for injury victims and others who are wronged. Since 1975, when Steve worked as a Federal Deputy Defender and during his long career focusing on personal injury and commercial litigation, Steve has made it a point to fight hard and creatively for his clients at every turn. Now with the advent of the Reifman Law Firm, we have created a dynamic team to continue the tradition of Standing Tough and Smart for our clients.

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