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About Reifman Law

Remember Reifman - Response, Reliability, Results

Accident Injury attorney specialist, the Reifman Law Firm is always willing to listen to the plight of a “would be” client. Accordingly, prospective clients should feel free to call us up to set an appointment to “sit down” to determine if we can help the client for a Free Consultation. Give us a call, email us and set up a meeting, or even a phone call to discuss your situation. In order to encourage clients to seek professional legal assistance, we always make our first meeting a “Free Consultation”. So if you have legal issues or you are just not sure, don’t be afraid to call us for an appointment for your “Free Consultation”.

Reifman Law Firm also has it’s own “no fee guarantee”, meaning in most instances, clients only pay fees out of proceeds resulting from the firm’s representation. So only IF we actually collect money for our clients are we paid anything as a fee. This is known as a “fee contingency agreement”, meaning “no fee unless you win” Frankly, this is a requirement of the Michigan Court Rules for a personal injury case that is being handled on a “if come” basis. At Reifman Law Firm we provide the client a written contract that explains these details, and further explains that you may decide to hire a lawyer on other bases.


At Reifman Law Firm we work as a team. We have a great receptionist, presuit paralegals, litigation paralegals, associate lawyers, senior lawyers and other support staff who make it a point to work together as family to support our clients and to help them receive just compensation under the law for their injuries and other entitlements. We make it a point to have firm events that help to bring solidarity in the single purpose of providing Superior Service and Excellent results for our clients.

Success Driven

We are success driven at Reifman Law Firm and we share that success with our clients, most often in regard to fee contingency agreements, which means the more we are able to gain for our clients, the more we gain as “partners”. We measure our success also in regard to a well informed, cared for, client. We hope that if the circumstances are such, we can take care of you and your case.

Listening and Understanding

We also make a big point in working with the victims of injuries to understand the challenges that the circumstances of being an injury victim create. We understand the rigor of pain & suffering, and the turmoil which comes about as the victim of serious personal injury. We make a point of listening carefully and working with our clients to make their way to recovery of both health and their damages that they so justly deserve.

Steve Reifman

The founder of the firm, has a personal commitment to the principles of just compensation for injury victims and others who are wronged. Since 1975, when Steve worked as a Federal Deputy Defender and during his long career focusing on personal injury and commercial litigation, Steve has made it a point to fight hard and creatively for his clients at every turn. Now with the advent of the Reifman Law Firm, we have created a dynamic team to continue the tradition of Standing Tough and Smart for our clients.

Reifman Law Firm is interested in all levels of cases.

Why choose RLF

Our clients say it best. Put the expertise of the Reifman Law Firm at your disposal. Friendly, caring and they get the job done. “RLF” is an expert at getting Just Compensation for its clients. Reifman Law Firm is made of Trial Attorneys who do the work “in house”, as we don’t just refer clients on to other lawyers. Reifman Law Firm has a “no fee guarantee”, meaning in most instances, clients only pay fees out of proceeds resulting from the firms representation.

Throughout years of working in this arena, Steve Reifman and his talented team have dedicated themselves to helping the victims of personal accident injury and other wrong doings. The Reifman Law Firm has worked diligently as an advocate for thousands of clients and can do so for you. Don’t wait. Contact us today and let us help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Case Results

$1.4 million
Pedestrian Accident Injury in Detroit

$850,000 verdict
Slip and Fall Injury – Detroit

$350,000 settlement
Car Accident Injury – Southfield