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No Fault Benefits

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Need help you understanding your rights and options for obtaining no-fault benefits?

Because we specialize in personal injury cases, we can help you navigate the process of obtaining no-fault benefits. We’ll assist with filing claims, collecting evidence, and providing representation in disputes and appeals.

One of the main benefits of no-fault benefits is that they can provide quick and efficient compensation for accident victims. Since no-fault claims do not require a determination of fault, the process can be less time-consuming and costly than a traditional personal injury lawsuit.

Additionally, no-fault benefits can be a helpful supplement to other forms of compensation, such as workers’ compensation or disability benefits. They can also help cover expenses that may not be covered by other insurance policies.

Another benefit is that no-fault benefits are available to all parties involved in the accident, regardless of who was at fault. This can be beneficial for both the injured person and the person who caused the accident, as it can help avoid prolonged and costly legal battles.

However, there are some limitations to no-fault benefits. For example, the amount of compensation that can be received may be capped, and some types of damages, such as pain and suffering, may not be covered.

Overall, no-fault benefits can be a valuable resource for individuals who have been injured in an accident. Reifman Law Firm specializes in personal injury cases in Macomb, Oakland, Wayne County and across Michigan.

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    • Over the years I’ve had numerous opportunities to work with the attorneys at Reifman Law. Without exception, they have always been professional, dedicated, knowledgeable, and enormously hard working. They are also consistently upbeat and friendly. I would happily recommend them to anyone in need of the services they provide.
      Tim Lessing
    • Mr. Reifman provided excellent legal representation for an international firm with which I was connected. Always on time, always on point, always equipped with a full array of supporting staff to make the case a winner. Smart as a whip, and the most professional barrister I’ve ever known!
      Thomas Maierle
    • Handled my husband’s case and very pleased. Staff very professional, explained process. Never put off and never a problem with communication whether by email or phone. We would recommend them.
      Stephanie Williams
    • Like family, this team of lawyers literally helped me along with my situation, to bring me into a successful future, with my settlement. Always professional and very compassionate about my situation with my children. I will never forget this experience!
      Alonda Johnson
    • Absolutely loved my experience with this law firm! They were always available when I needed them and communicated with me every step of the way. Thank you again Reifman!
      Breanna Hasberry
    • The firm was A+! We were kept in the information loop through the entire process. They were so responsive to all of our concerns. We couldn’t have been more satisfied. I highly recommend this firm. Awesome!
      Dennis Freeman
    • Best Law Firm I’ve ever encountered! Everyone at the office was friendly and genuinely cared about my well being. Mike came through for me and for that I am forever grateful.
      Angela Asbell
    • Hands down one of the best Law Firm in Michigan. They took my case and I was very pleased with the outcome. Mr. Reifman and his staff are great people.
      Leaf Daten
    • It was my extreme pleasure being represented by Reifman Law Firm. My attorney, Michael Oblizajek, is a truly impressionable and outstanding attorney. From the office staff to the legal aids, everyone was very professional. I even received personal attention from Mr. Reifman himself. If I’m ever in need of legal aid again, they will be the first one I call!
      Kevin Caldwell