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Remember Reifman - Response, Reliability, Results


We are hungry, hungry at Reifman Law Firm to take care of your needs. To get you paid for your benefits under the Michigan No Fault Law and to seek and find policies of insurance …

Part of the City – Animated

Reifman Law Firm may not be centrally located in the city, but we will always be apart of the vibe of downtown Detroit! 248-932-4000

Remember RRR 

Hi, Steve Reifman for the Reifman Law Firm. We’re into the R’s, yes we are. Remember Reifman: respect, reliable, results. These are the ways that we respond to our clients. Let us help you if …

Federal Court Justice

We are ready to handle you and your case in any court of pertinent jurisdiction in the state of Michigan or the federal courts. How do we do it? By aligning with appropriate co-counsel that …

Pot of Gold – Animated

Each insurance policy represents a pot of gold, and we’re here to make sure that you get your fair share. 248-932-4000

Compensation – Animated

We are committed to getting you compensated through the insurance company when you have suffered a personal injury, or when you have been in a motor vehicle accident. 248-932-4000

Reaching Out – Animated

We will always be here to reach out and help you through the legal process if you have suffered a personal injury. 248-932-4000