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Pedestrians & Passengers – Animated

Whether you are a pedestrian or a passenger, it is always important to know your legal rights when it comes to a motor vehicle accident in Michigan. 248-932-4000

Reality of TV Cases

You can’t get $850,000 unless there’s a million dollar policy. How many people do you think are driving around with million dollar policies? So, don’t believe the b.s. you see on TV. Those happy people …

Our Clients

It’s important to understand, there are over 35,000 lawyers licensed lawyers in the state of Michigan and you only need one firm. Yep, you can look around, you can see the signs all over town …


See what you need to understand folks, is that in every motor vehicle accident, somebody gets shook up. And guess what? When they get out of that accident, they are now in post traumatic stress. …

Many Lawyers – One Reifman

35,000 lawyers in the state of Michigan, so many you can’t know them all. I’ve been practicing law for over forty-five years, I figure I know about ten thousand of them. Folks, you don’t need …

Visit Our Office – Animated

When you come to visit the Reifman Law Firm, you also have the opportunity to experience our beautiful lobby in the 4000 Town Center tower. 248-932-4000


We are hungry, hungry at Reifman Law Firm to take care of your needs. To get you paid for your benefits under the Michigan No Fault Law and to seek and find policies of insurance …

Part of the City – Animated

Reifman Law Firm may not be centrally located in the city, but we will always be apart of the vibe of downtown Detroit! 248-932-4000