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Remember Reifman - Response, Reliability, Results

Suit and Tie

Hi, this is Steve Reifman for the Reifman Law Firm. Yes, I’m in here working daily. Everyday when I’m in that office, I put on that suit and tie and we’re ready to kick some …

Ancient Justice

Hi this is Steve Reifman, I’m speaking for the Reifman Law Firm again. Yep, ancient principles of justice survive to this day. Principles of giving you what you deserve if you’ve been injured in a …

Here to Help – Animated

Things have been rough with COVID and the pandemic, but we are here at Reifman Law Firm to help you no matter what goes on within or without society. Call us: 248-932-4000

Remember RRR – Animated

Remember Reifman: respect, reliable, results. These are the ways that we respond to our clients. Call us: 248-932-4000

Victims and Medical Providers – Animated

Reifman Law Firm is here working for you if you’ve been in a crash. Also, we specialize in helping medical providers collect their bills in No Fault situations under the Michigan Law. Call us: 248-932-4000

In A Crisis – Animated

If you’ve been in a crisis and experienced an injury from a motor vehicle accident, Reifman Law Firm is here for you. Call us: 248-932-4000