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Have You Been Hurt?

Have you been injured? Reifman Law Group is here to help you whether you have been in a motor vehicle accident or suffered a personal injury.

Suit and Tie

Hi, this is Steve Reifman for the Reifman Law Group. Yes, I’m in here working daily. Everyday when I’m in that office, I put on that suit and tie and we’re ready to kick some butt coconut – make it happen for you. Give us a chance – if you’ve got a problem we are […]

Ancient Justice

Hi this is Steve Reifman, I’m speaking for the Reifman Law Group again. Yep, ancient principles of justice survive to this day. Principles of giving you what you deserve if you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, dog bite, other type of accident. We’re here to analyze it to see what we can do […]