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Remember the 3 Rs… Response, Reliability & Results

Our COVID-19 Response

Steven Reifman talks about how our office is working for you during this time.  Please use the button below to reach out to us if we can help.

Good Patient

To be a good client at Reifman Law Firm, you must be a good patient.  

Know Your Rights

Are you a victim of a motor vehicle accident here in Michigan?  Know your rights!  The law has changed.

New Michigan No Fault Law – Part 2

In June 2019 a new law was signed in Michigan.  The Reifman Law Firm are experts on Michigan’s new No Fault Law.  If you are a passenger or a pedestrian in an accident there is …

Premises Liability

Being hurt in a store or on someone else’s property are what we call Premises Liability.

Law Raps – explained

Law Raps – what’s going down in Law in the State of Michigan.  Specifically with motor vehicle accidents.


Response means we endeavor in all ways to respond to our clients needs at the Reifman Law Firm.