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The Hall of Justice – No Trial

The Hall of Justice – No Trial

Behind me is the hall of justice. Yes, it’s a hallway in the courtrooms of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center downtown Detroit at Woodward and Jefferson. That’s where the Wayne County Circuit Court Civil Division holds court.

That’s where you go when and if you get a trial in an injury case or in any matter actually, this is the civil court. However, today’s date we’re waiting for the possibility of another trial. We think the Reifman Law Firm was about the last firm to try a case in the civil courts in Wayne County back in February last year and then the shutdown hit.

So, we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, plus it is really not what you want to be doing. You do not want to be trying cases anywhere, it is anxiety provoking and it often does not result well for injured plaintiffs under the current system and the way juries have been rendering verdicts in the Wayne County Circuit Court.

You can hear about people who say they win in court but what they’re not telling you about is all the losses they’ve had. Ultimately speaking, your best bet is to try to get what you can and to move on. That’s what we do, we put the pressure on to bring up the most money possible so that you can get a good resolution of your case and feel as if it is a resolved matter.

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