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The Five Benefits – Benefit Two – Wages 

The Five Benefits – Benefit Two – Wages 

Wage loss, oh it’s a big deal. You know, if you’re a working person and you’re in a motor vehicle accident and you can’t get your salary every week or your hourly or however you make your living, that’s a big deal. Well, under Michigan No Fault, you’re covered for three years and that is an important coverage. $5,600 a month approximately, and that changes on a sliding calendar scale. It goes up year after year and that’s the maximum.

You get 85% of your wage up to that maximum amount. You must establish that you were working. You know, if you were working at Chrysler Corporation – makes it easy. If you’re self-employed, it’s challenging. Records are helpful, tax returns make it work. If you don’t have that kind of proof, it’s very hard to get paid even though you have it. Getting paid cash, it’s a challenge.

Do your best to try to make things work for people when it’s critical because if you’re a working person and all of a sudden you’re in an accident and you’re disabled and you can’t work, where do you get the money from? 

Well, hopefully you get it from the No Fault for at least three years if you need it. So what we do is we help folks put their applications together, finding the appropriate coverages – company that’s going to be covering everything through the priority system. And then we work to perfect those claims.

Now, getting the documentation for wage loss can be challenging. There are releases that are provided in most standard applications but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get it, so we go out and help people get those documents, and help to gather the file, so that their insurance company will pay. Also, of course, you must have medical documentation that you can’t work. 

One last thing I’m going to talk about with wage loss: is the important benefit called temporarily unemployed. Still under Michigan Law, No Fault Law, and it’s been this way throughout the whole statutory history: if a person is not working or employed at the time of their accident, however, they become disabled and as a result of that disability they cannot get gainful employment and they have worked in the past so there’s some kind of wage history to base their loss on, and they were looking for employment at the time of the accident.

Such that it’s fair to conclude, that if not for the accident they could have and would have been hired. That’s the three year benefit also just like when you’re somebody who actually was employed at the time of the accident and you can’t continue to work. Thank you very much.

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