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The Five Benefits – Benefit Three – Housekeeping

The Five Benefits – Benefit Three – Housekeeping

Let’s talk about housekeeping under the Michigan No Fault Laws. Twenty dollars a day for three years. We were really hoping that when the new statute went into effect that that would be bolstered. Because it’s really a ridiculous amount of money. Who is going to go to somebody’s house, to somebody else’s house, for twenty dollars a day? So, the doctor’s got to write a note that says, hey this lady needs it, this gentleman can’t do the work he did around the house he used to do. And you have to establish it’s stuff you would’ve done and the person has to come in or do it in the house and expect to be paid. And you have to fill out forms and it’s a big pain in the butt,

However, you gotta do it, and as I like to say, “Better in your pocket than in the insurance company’s pocket.” So, you get the form, you do your best – there’s categories of work. You’ve got forms that have a,b,c,d,e, and you pick out if it’s if I’m ironing, or if I’m cooking, or the different things you might do for somebody.  But it is only twenty dollars a day and it winds up being, you know, six hundred dollars a month.

So, it is something that we work on because ultimately speaking, getting paid in No Fault is all about money. It’s only about money.

It’s about adding machine stuff. And ultimately speaking, when folks get cut off as they almost always do at five, six, seven, eight months – unless it’s a catastrophic injury or a really a very serious injury that’s quite obvious – they send folks out, they get you under the law doing an independent medical examination and then they’ve got a doctor that says well you can work or you don’t need housekeeping anymore. But for those first seven, eight months they often voluntarily pay. And then we fight to get you paid later on.

As part of, unfortunately the necessity of filing a lawsuit in order to collect benefits for people. From the insurance companies because the insurance companies really just don’t want to pay people because if they did pay everybody they wouldn’t have any money. So it’s just basic economics and it’s a struggle that we have. So, we appreciate getting that documentation and helping to build the case up. And housekeeping is an element.

It should be worth more, it’s not. The good thing is, it’s really not covered under workers compensation or other ways of being injured, so it is kind of a unique benefit. Although, I do believe there is some built into some of the state programs, but fundamentally having it be a specified benefit is sort of unique for No Fault but it is limited to twenty dollars a day for three years.

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