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The Five Benefits – Benefit Four – Attendant Care

The Five Benefits – Benefit Four – Attendant Care

Welp, the fourth benefit: attendant care – nursing care. You know, when you first get into an accident you are in a state of traumatic shock. hock and it takes a while. I call it the six month rule. But, part of the big deal in the beginning is, there’s things that you might not be able to do for yourself: like put your pants on, like take a bath, like feed yourself. Hopefully people recover and in the beginning it usually is way worse, however people may not recover and it’s a benefit that is a lifetime benefit.

It goes along with medical. And if a person is catastrophically injured, say a brain injury or a quadriplegic, lifetime twenty-four hour care has been a given in the history of the No Fault statute. That’s the big change, friends and family have been limited – limited by amount and limited by hour. Amount per hour and the hours.

But in terms of attendant and nursing care it is something that is lifetime and it goes along and it can come in like for instance at two years and a half you need a surgery and you’re in bed for six weeks and your wife’s gotta help you, well you can claim the benefit. Again, there has to be an expectation of financial recovery for that person. So, sometimes it gets a little sticky when it is with friends and family and people who live with each other and who actually love each other and might do something for another person just based on love.

But there’s a requirement under the statute that says there has to be some kind of an expectation of economic receipt. It’s technical and I think that’s going to be something that’s going to be challenged in the future, as well. But it is part of the lead of framework that we fight in everyday. 

And you should understand that all of these benefits, each of them, has been subject to all kinds of litigations, disputes. We have a body of law in No Fault that’s extensive. Starting from the beginning of No Fault in the early seventies and then carried through to its transition, so now we have two bodies of law and how these two fit together.

And attendant care, nursing care, is a highly discussed and fought over issue because of the fact that there were families getting $100,000 a year for years and years and years, because twenty-four hour care, somebody’s gotta be up with people. And it’s quite exhausting. Of course, the alternative to that is put somebody into the nursing home facility and that probably costs even more money. So, it’s an expensive attribute of driving motor vehicles.

You still have very many automobile accidents and are reaching towards eras of safer driving, but there’s still a lot of hazard on the road and automobile insurance, especially if you’re in Detroit, is a critical issue. So make sure you get that, and make sure that you actually don’t buy Coordinated Care policy.

Because that means if you do get in an accident for a very little bit of a discount you are going to have a lot of issues and you’re losing a lot of opportunities with your coverage that you might have otherwise if you would not have purchased a Coordinated Benefit policy. 

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