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The Five Benefits – Benefit Five – Medical Transportation

The Five Benefits – Benefit Five – Medical Transportation

The five benefits of No Fault. Yes, they’re still there and we’re going to cover the final fifth benefit: medical transportation. It’s a separate category, it’s a loaded issue. Ambulances cost a lot of money. Transportation to and from, doctors sometimes needing special vehicles cost a lot of money. Transportation that gets people to fend their lives costs a lot of money and there are medical transportation companies that make these things easier. And they have been accepted in the industry to a large degree, however, there’s still what I would call controversial.

And that’s because of the fact that sometimes the prices seem a little high and people they roll their eyes, but these things are custom designed and they have an argument as well. And they benefit by the fact that people who are injured, who need someone perhaps to get them in and out of the vehicle, etc., is not something you’re supposed to get from an Uber driver. So, it is a legitimate issue, I want to highlight that.

I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with it, but it is something that has been controversial for years. And will continue to be just like every one of the Michigan No Fault big five issues.

So, when you’re injured and you need to get to see physical therapy three times a week and you don’t have your own transportation, or you can’t drive, and you don’t want to get on a DDOT bus, and there are transportation issues that survive. Now, the big thing too that goes along with this is medical mileage which is part of the medical transportation umbrella. And that is, that if someone takes you or you take yourself to the doctor, you can get paid on a per mile basis.

And the amount, or the rate, is another controversial issue. Aren’t they all? Now, I think it should be a dollar a mile. How much does it cost to have a motor vehicle? How much is insurance? How much is gas?

And these sometimes cheapskate insurance companies – the All-States and the AAAs and a whole bunch of them. And they are, they’re cheap. You know they’re going to fight you on every dime, trust me. You are lucky to get fifty cents. Okay? And sometimes they’re going to go thirty-five cents and the reality of the situation is: it’s not a big deal. But sometimes there are transportation issues when mileage becomes significant. People that live in outlying districts.

Part of that too is you could claim a hotel night or two, if you had to go say to Indianapolis to see the specialist or the Cleveland clinic. Those kinds of things are rare but it can happen.

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