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The Five Benefits – Benefit 1 

The Five Benefits – Benefit 1 

Well, let’s talk about No Fault benefits. You know this is what we do. It’s what we do for people is we fight and scrap to get people paid the five benefits. Let’s start with the most important benefit: it’s medical. And that means that you’re backed up, and when you’re in a motor vehicle accident and you need treatment and you get it, it’s going to be paid for under the law by the insurance company.

In terms of aspects of it directly, it covers physical therapy, it covers x-rays, it covers pharmaceutical, and it covers actual hospital stays, so it’s a very broadly known benefit. Now, you can buy for a cheaper rate – if you’re the one purchasing the insurance you can buy what’s called Coordinated Benefit. We don’t recommend it. It’s not much cheaper, if you have it then we’re always going to have to be looking to make sure you submit your bills, you go through your health insurance first.

I’m going to end by saying and repeating to you that if you are injured in an accident you must get treatment if you have problems. If you don’t get treatment for your problems the law will not regard it. The judges won’t regard it, the juries won’t, the insurance industry won’t. So, being a good patient is a great client and part of being a good patient is keeping track of who you’ve seen, keeping ahold of all the bills you get and make sure we get those bills, help you make sure that you collect those from your insurance policy or whatever coverage hopefully you have.

Remember, there’s only one circumstance in Michigan still when you’re in a motor vehicle accident when you do not receive your No Fault benefits and that is when you are driving a motor vehicle owned by you for which you failed to secure the insurance requirements under the law. Every other circumstance, you are going to get No Fault benefits. There are some instances of limitation under the new law but let’s focus on helping people who have been injured under the five benefits.

Number one: medical. We’ll pick up on wage in the next chapter.

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