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Testifying with Care and Truth

Testifying with Care and Truth

Someday, and you can count on it, if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, you are probably going to have to testify under oath – either at an examination under oath or at your deposition, or maybe both. And that really becomes sensitive because if the insurance company wants in the beginning stages of a claim, they under the statute can compel the claimant for No Fault Benefits to provide their examination under oath. It can be within a week or two weeks of the accident sometimes.

So, it is so critical that you tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth and you keep on saying it. Because some day they may be matching up what you say at the examination under oath with the deposition.

But time goes by and it could be a year or two years when you finally testify again and if you don’t stay focused on keeping the truth as the main focus of your testimony, these folks are going to do their best to twist you and make you look like you are a fraudulent claimant.

We cannot allow that, so therefore, that is why we ask our clients, we tell our clients: if you’re going to answer a question under oath think about it. Take a breath, make sure that you’re as focused as possible. And have provided as much information as possible about specifically your medical history. It’s so important.

If you can’t remember, I can’t remember is a fine answer in many instances. Don’t stick your neck out there and try to remember something that you don’t, because you’re liable to make a mistake.

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