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Successful Personal Injury Claim

Successful Personal Injury Claim

What makes a successful personal injury claim? It is made up of three elements. First of all, a claim against someone for fault must be based upon liability under the law. That means that somebody did something they shouldn’t have done, that they violated a duty towards the injured victim.

Or, that they did something that was improper. Once we can determine liability then the question becomes: what are the damages once and for all? That’s why it takes a while to figure it out because the damages are something that takes place over time. Damages can be calculated by using various factors. In fact, we have a thirty-three element sheet that helps us to determine what value damages really are in the long run. And, lastly, is the case collectible? H

ow much insurance is available for the injured victim to collect particularly in regard to pain and suffering? This is generally limited by the policy of insurance that the wrongful driver may have purchased. Or, the uninsured motors coverage that the policy of insurance covering the injured victim may have.

So, these are very serious issues where it takes liability, damages, and collectibility to determine what the value of a case is over the long run.

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