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Six Month Rule & the Value of a Case

Six Month Rule & the Value of a Case

People often ask us how much a case is worth. And frankly, it takes a while for us to determine the value that fairly would be a compensation for an injury. It takes time first of all. When someone is first injured they have many feelings about great distress, great pain and suffering, and usually those conditions get less and less and less.

So, we like to employ what we call the six month rule. What that means is: it often takes, most often takes about six months for someone to really understand the serious nature of their injury. Or, whether or not it’s something fleeting that will go away. The six month rule will apply to almost every case we have. Sometimes it takes even longer, sometimes it takes years before we can fully and finally determine what someone’s damages really are.

However, oftentimes we are forced to do it early on. So, we make every effort to make the time go by with you so that we can help you to evaluate your pain and suffering and your injuries in the long run.

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