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Wild West in the Midwest PIP

Wild West in the Midwest PIP

Behind me is the Mackinac Bridge, yes this is Michigan. We thought it was called the Midwest but now it’s really the Wild West. Why? Because the new insurance laws have come into effect and require you to shop around and figure out what kind of No Fault Insurance you’re going to get. You used to have unlimited coverage in three categories.

Now, if you don’t buy unlimited coverage, you’re not gonna get it. You gotta shop around, you gotta talk, and don’t just take the first quote you get. See who can get you the best. But when you’re done make sure you’ve got unlimited coverage and make sure you’ve protected yourself against liability in case, somehow or another, you’re found to be at fault or are to be at fault, you’re covered when you buy yourself the best coverage. And that includes a Michigan Umbrella Policy.

Really an Umbrella Policy is excess coverage beyond that which you buy. Being under the new scheme, people who run out of coverage can go after you to get their medical bills paid. And that could be a serious problem.

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