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Personal Service at RLF

Personal Service at RLF


Hi, Steve Reifman founder of the Reifman Law Firm. I’d like to talk to you about personal service at the Reifman Law Firm. We are not a small firm, we’re really a Michigan No Fault servicing company that handles peoples No Fault coverages for them better than anybody in town. Our primary paralegals have sixteen steps that they have to address when they open a file and help you to qualify for your benefits.

Don’t get sold down the river by fancy firms that say they’re gonna get you all kinds of money because they’re not gonna handle your No Fault benefits like we do. We’re hands on, we’re personal, I’ve got my name on every single case. We’ve got five lawyers. Some of them have thirty, fifty lawyers, a hundred employees.

We’ve got fifteen people working as a team. We will stand behind you, we will protect you, we will take your calls, we will respond to them. Let us show you what personal service really means.

Call us: 248-932-4000