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RLF Blog Post – New Day In No Fault

RLF Blog Post – New Day In No Fault

The picture behind me is an apt one because the sun is rising on a new day in Michigan No Fault Auto Insurance. Yep, that sun is coming from the east in the picture of the Mackinac Bridge behind me.

And, I gotta tell ya, it’s a sunset too because we’ve lost a lot. So, you have to give a lot of due consideration to what you’re purchasing when you buy insurance and when we pick up a case in the future and it’s an accident that happened after July 2nd, 2020 we are gonna have to pour over policies. We have new policies that have to be accepted by the Department of Financial Services.

That’s the insurance commissioner department here in Michigan. And, we are up for grabs. So, stay tuned and stay sharp.

There’s gonna be more on this: there’s gonna be more videos, more blogs, more articles, you name it. People are interpreting what’s going to happen and frankly, folks, it’s gonna take years until this all shakes out.

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