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Case Results

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$1.4 million Pedestrian Accident

A man crossing Woodward Avenue in Detroit is hit and thrown up in the air. Difficult issues arose concerning whether the Driver was an agent of her employer at the time, thus justifying the payment by the company of over a million dollars in contribution to the settlement.

$850,000 verdict

Slip and Fall- a man working at the Renaissance Center finds himself the victim of a leaky glass roof causing him to suffer a total hip replacement. In order to get paid above and beyond workers compensation, we had to prove that the Renaissance Center was negligent.

$350,000 Settlement

Auto Accident. A relatively minor impact collision, but lots of No Fault Benefits were paid both prior to filing a lawsuit and as a settlement, and a substantial payment was received from the “at fault” driver’s insurance company which amounted to a large favorable settlement for our client.