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Response. This is an important issue here at the Reifman Law Firm. And that means that we endeavor in all ways to respond to our clients. We’ve set up a special text message system for our paralegals. I am available by my cellphone at any time: (248) 515-0077.

While I may not be primary on all of our cases, I am involved in every single case. My name is on every filing. I see every filing with the court go by my personal email address. And, that is part of response. And that is that, me as the founder and the principal of the firm, I am ready to help you and I am ready to respond.

Although most often you’re better off talking to one of the operatives here in the firm, Steve Reifman has his name on every case. And, I will be glad to help you. Please call me if you have a problem, if you have a service problem, or you have other issues, I am available.

Call us: 248-932-4000