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Premises Liability Breakdown

Premises Liability Breakdown

Premises liability, that’s a big word, what does it mean? It means that someone got hurt on someone else’s property for some sort of negligence for their failure or breach of a duty. These are very difficult cases in the state of Michigan because of a doctrine of the Michigan Supreme Court known as “open and obvious”.

Which basically says that if you could have seen it you should have taken regard and you shouldn’t have fallen. Well, that isn’t always so easy to say or easy to follow. But the truth is, ladies and gentlemen, that people are seriously injured everyday as a result of all kinds of negligence. We at Reifman Law Firm enjoy taking on those cases, considering whether or not we can make them work for you under the current state of Michigan law, and hopeful that the law will improve with our new Supreme Court in the state of Michigan.

So, if you’ve been hurt on somebody’s property, in a store, at a home, in your own residence in a landlord tenant situation out in the hallway, give us a call. Let us go through this with you, we’re glad to review your case. I’m Steve Reifman, you’ve got my name on it.

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