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Law Raps Explained

Law Raps Explained

These are our law raps. Now, what does that mean, law raps? Today, there’s a lot of things that people are singing called raps. In the old days, of the 60s, we used to stay up late at night “rapping it down”. So, these law raps are something different.

They’re something from the past, something from the future, and we’re going to give it to you. We’re going to rap it down about what’s going on in the law here in the state of Michigan, particularly with motor vehicle accidents.

The Reifman Law Firm is in fact a motor vehicle accident case factory. We start at our front door when you walk in the door, we introduce ourselves, we get into process and hopefully at the end of the road, we help you to get your just compensation for your injuries. Thank you very much.

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