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Insurance – The Name of the Game 

Insurance – The Name of the Game 

Insurance is the name of the game. It’s called collecting for your injuries and you have to have a pot of gold to get the money from. Insurance companies gather our premiums up and they hold on to bunches of money.

And if there’s no insurance, there’s no way to collect. There are certain instances big companies, city of Detroit, that are self-insured. But, they’re large enough to handle these kinds of claims themselves. And frankly, usually when you go against somebody who has their own insurance, self-insured, it’s difficult because they’re holding on to those dollars. Because they are their money. But, when you’re dealing with an insurance company they have an obligation to protect the various insureds and in doing that they have to take care of them a little bit.

So, we look for insurance coverages. That’s why under the new Michigan No Fault Laws it’s so important that people buy decent insurance because now they’ve been given the right to buy less and less.

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