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How Our Team Works

How Our Team Works

Hello, folks, this is Steve Reifman, I am the founder of the Reifman Law Firm. And, I suppose it’s namesake. Anyway, I do want to talk to you a little bit about the importance of everybody else our office besides me. And that’s because we are a TEAM. TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More. There are fifteen of us working day in and day out at Reifman Law Firm. It’s an exciting group and we work together exceedingly well for the benefit of our clients.

So, if you’ve had an accident, if your friends or relative have been injured and there’s someone to blame or it’s a No Fault case where you don’t need to blame anybody, we can help.

We start out with an intake, it’s an important process. And, it’s usually with a paralegal who will be your primary paralegal assigned to be with you throughout your case. That paralegal sets up your file and gets you involved in something we call “pre-suit”.

And that is trying to get our clients paid before we have to file a lawsuit. In many instances we are able to guide the client and the insurance company for voluntary payments. Or for payments after some time when they finally give up and go “okay”, we pay, we negotiate.

We try to put everything together. One thing that’s critical to understand is: insurance companies do not pay unless they have a,b,c and d. If they don’t have c, they’re not going to pay. So, we at a Reifman Law Firm, say, “you get paid, we get paid”. So, we have to work hard to get you paid because that’s how we earn our fees. It’s the no fee guarantee.

So, we attempt to do that is pre-suit. Almost every case we wind up having to file a lawsuit to protect the victim in the accident to make sure that they get all their benefits because of something we call the one year back rule in the state of Michigan, which still has application even though the law changed it a bit recently in the new Michigan No Fault statute. We’ll work with you in that way.

And then, when we have to, we put it into suit. Usually suing the insurance company because they haven’t done something and we want to make sure they’ve done it all right. And then also, oftentimes, in most cases, being able to sue someone who may be responsible for injuries to get you paid for your pain and suffering or for excess economic benefits.

Now, that means that you have to file a lawsuit and that means we have to draft a lawsuit, we have to file it with the court, we have to serve it on everybody, and then there’s a process called discovery. 

Discovery is when we gather information about their case and they gather information about our case, with depositions, and interrogatories, and request to produce documents, request to admit – these are the basic discovery rules. Once the discovery period ends, there’s a time for case evaluation. And we have two excellent case evaluation clerks that help gather all of the medical bills, and all the medical information, etc., to help get the case evaluation. And will hopefully resolve your case fairly for you.

If that doesn’t work head more towards the possibility of a trial. It doesn’t happen very often and it’s probably not what you as an injured victim want to happen to you, but it does happen and if we have to do it, we’re well-equipped to handle trials. 

We are experienced with trials, I’ve handled over a hundred and fifty in my life, I’m part of the trial team on every case to some degree. And we try to avoid trials, but we do them. One way or the other, we hope that as things start to grind toward that end, towards that trial, that we’re able to get a decent resolution or settlement of your claim so you do get paid for the benefits they haven’t paid you and hopefully for your pain and suffering.

We work very hard to get just compensation for our clients. Our TEAM – our together everyone achieves more is a team, by the way, that is owned by you when you hire us. When you hire us you own your case. We make recommendations, we do things for you and it is your case. Your decision as to whether or not you wish to settle your case, whether or not you wish to try your case, whether or not you want to dismiss your case. It always stays in the hands of the injured victim because the injured victim, in our case, is the client. And, the client is someone we work for.

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