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Hall of Justice – Fair Compensation

Hall of Justice – Fair Compensation

 Behind me is the hall of the Wayne County Circuit Court at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center where the courtrooms are assembled four on a floor. And it’s a place that you’re best off staying out of. We work very hard to get our clients good results without the necessity of a trial. Because we know that you want to get paid as much as possible as quickly as possible.

And it is not in your interest, it is not what you want to sit around waiting for years to get a trial – which is something that may take that under the circumstances of Covid-19. The thing we’d like to make sure you understand though is that an injury does not necessarily have to be solely from the motor vehicle accident to be compensated.

Previously injured people who have conditions that existed before their motor vehicle accident are allowed to be compensated, are allowed to receive their benefits if the previous condition has been aggravated or exacerbated – that’s the big word – by the motor vehicle accident. That’s so in trial, it’s so in front of a case evaluation panel, and it’s so in seeking your benefits and to maximize your claim.

So, if you’ve been injured make sure that you explain that: “I’ve had previous conditions and now it’s worse.” That is a fair portion of a claim and is actually part of a jury instruction that if you should be so lucky or unlucky to face a jury of your peers.

Then there’s a positive jury instruction that explains very clearly that if you are injured in an accident and you’ve got a preexisting condition that the addition to that condition makes the defendant responsible or liable under the law. And makes the insurance company responsible to pay the benefits if there is an aggravation or exacerbation of a preexisting injury.

So, here we are the smart ones, send us your cases, send us your friends, families, and relatives who have cases and we will take care of them in a very personal, positive way at Reifman Law Firm. 

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