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A New Law in Town

A New Law in Town

What do I want to talk about today? It’s the Wild West in the Midwest of Michigan No Fault. What does that mean? There’s a new law in town. It started on June of 2019 and continues to change. The last change is came about in July, that’s when the schedules started to take effect. Actually, those schedules will continue to tighten up over the years, as it does its going to make it more difficult to make your claim. In the meantime do the best you can.

Go out and add something to those insurance converges you’re buying, get unlimited No Fault benefits that will protect you and yours as best you can, and while you’re at it pay extra for uninsured motorists coverages – a significant amount. Underinsured motorists coverages, these are the coverages that make up the difference if somebody who you get into an accident with is carrying not enough insurance, or no insurance and you’ll be seriously injured to get paid for your pain and suffering.

So please folks, it is the Wild West, it is the Midwest. Do the best you can, we’d be glad to consult with you specifically in regard to your Michigan No Fault insurance coverages and buy it and buy good stuff.

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